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Crypto miler was created for runners and walkers of all ages. It is a fun way to mix many of the fantastic things that we love about crypto with the passion of running. Crypto Miler is a project that mixes fun art and fashion with running and walking. It gives you a way to build a avatars stats and style to fit your liking all while boosting the ability to generate an income.

Crypto Miler has a way to entry for many runners and walkers. Earning can be done through our training system which you can read about int the whitepaper. Trainers can go on a open market and select a crypto miler to train and share in the rewards if you do not own a avatar. This will help those who do not want to buy their way into the project.

NFT Marketplace

Crypto Miler Market Place. Here is where you can buy and sell your NFT's. The Market Place has Milers with all the speed you need to turn all your hard work and effort from running in into bMILE. bMILE can be exchanged at our DEX. The market place also has all the latest fashion which can help to increase your earning when you go for a run or walk.


Trading, staking, yield farming

Crypto Miler DEX (Decentralized exchange) is a place where you can Yield Farm with the tokens you earn, or turn your hard work into other tokens. Yield Farming will allow you to earn rewards in the form of MILE which is our Primary token. The rewards will come from trading fees. The DEX will also have staking pools to earn MILE for those who don't want to deal with the issue of loss of impairment.

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